Monday, August 13, 2012


Today has been an emotionally exhausting day.. Why?! Bc my brother, sister-in-law and niece were packing up their home and getting ready to leave at 1am tonight..

I had not realized it was already the 13th.. I got word that my clients for today had declined baths, I was happy to be off bc it meant that I got to go see my niece before they were leaving.. And now I'm glad I did..

I spent about 4 hours over there helping my SIL and brother pack and clean as much as I could.. And then around 2:30, I had to leave to get ready for work.. BRING ON THE TEARS!!

I only cried a bit.. Bc it will hit me in a couple days.. That's how I am, when anything bad happens, I always have an emotional delay of sorts.. So I'll prolly have a break down on Wednesday.. Lol

But I am feeling exhausted.. I hate to see them go, even if I get a house to myself in return.. I wish they could stay here in Indiana.. Instead, I guess I'll be taking a bunch of trips to Virginia.. :)

My mom got to watch my niece for a while.. Here are some of their 'self portraits'..

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  1. Aw. I'm the same way. When my sister told me they were moving, I waited till I got home and cried FOR DAYS. Then not again until after they left. Then again, waterworks. Missing little babies is so hard.