Thursday, August 2, 2012

I've Given Up..

Yeah, I'm sure most of you all have realized that I'm not here anymore.. I haven't blogged steadily in months.. And I haven't done anything productive in almost a year..

But it stops today.. It was supposed to stop yesterday but I used that day as a recoup kind of day.. Went to the grocery store, slept a lot, etc..

But today, and for the rest of August (for now), I plan to do at least 10 minutes of activity every day.. And I will be posting a pic of me doing this activity daily on here.. This way I can get back into blogging before my surgery..

I keep thinking 'When I get my surgery...' and I shouldn't be thinking like that.. Bc this surgery is just a tool, not a miracle.. And if I don't start working on the other tools I already have (that are just rusty), this surgery won't be any real help in the long run.. And that is why I'm doing the surgery... For the long haul..

Oh, wanna hear something totally depressing?! I weighed in at my dietician's appointment last week and weighed in at 283!! That disgusts me.. But what disgusts me even more is what I see in the mirror.. And the question I always ask is 'how is that really me?!'

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  1. I haven't posted in just over a month now I think but I've still been reading. I'm hoping to have a post up this week but I don't want it to be all long and drawn out so that no one finishes reading it. Just wanted to comment that I know how you're feeling and good on you to do the ten minutes a day. I bet some days you end up doing more just naturally because you'll be feeling good and some days you might not do it at all and that's okay too. go go go!!!