Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Everyone's Moving On..

Well, this is prolly a record for me anymore.. twice in two days?!  Wow!!  lol.. but I've got a lot going on, and I wanna talk about it..

Over the past couple months, my family has been coming to terms with something HUGE.. On June 1st, my brother officially made it through Drill Sergeant school.. I am so proud of him, but seeing as there aren't many Army bases in Indiana, he had to make the decision on where to move.. His choices were some town in Arkansas or Arlington, Virginia.. We have history (and two grandfather's buried) in Arlington, so he chose Virginia..

He has to report to base on the 15th of this month.. and it's been a figment of our imagination until this past week.. They are packing up their lives, their memories, our Layla, and moving to Arlington.. :(  My mom is getting sadder and sadder, thinking of not having Layla 2 miles down the road.. We are all happy for them.. but it will be weird not having them around..

To make it even weirder, my parents are moving into my brother and SIL's house..  This makes me very excited (as long as I don't think about the fact that my brother, SIL and Layla are leaving for this to happen), because I AM STAYING IN OUR HOUSE!!  I will have a whole house to myself, hopefully by the time my surgery is happening.. lol

They are gonna take their time moving, which is understandable.. but I can't help wanting them to just GTFO.. ;)  I've been living with them for almost 5 years.. It'll be weird being on my own again, but I'm looking forward to it..  I'm looking forward to having a craft room (yes, I already have the rooms planned out), and to walking around partially dressed without worrying about flashing my dad (EWWW!)..

So things are getting kinda crazy around here.. and they aren't looking like their gonna stop anytime soon..

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  1. GTFO! Ahahaha! I love that you have all the rooms planned out. I know how hard it is with people moving away. Although, living alone is pretty freaking awesome!!! It will be nice to not have temptations around from other people and be in control of what's in the cupboard. And the freedom to bounce around the house to music or workout in your underwear and sports bra!