Thursday, November 15, 2012

How Could I Forget..

How volatile my body is when I'm on my period.. Oh, yeah.. It's gonna be one of those kinds of posts people.. I only lost .4 lbs yesterday then I wake up to a 2.6 lb GAIN?!  I should not be gaining ANYTHING any time soon.. I'm eating like 600 calories a day!  Which makes me realize that it's just bc of Mother Nature.. Well, Mother Nature, I have 2 words for you:

(oh, and go away!)

So as I sit here trying to tell myself not to freak out, and to make sure I get a walk in today, I am also trying to eat a little yogurt.. Yesterday's eating was kind of screwed up.. I say that because I didn't get a lot of protein in.. :(  I didn't really eat breakfast, then tried to get some protein with some chocolate milk.. Not working.. It's so thick I just can't drink much of it.. So I went to Cracker Barrell to get some sides of veggies.. Not working.. while green beans are a good choice, broccoli casserole, mashed potatoes, and hashbrown casserole were not.. Not to mention that I tried to eat some later, reheated, and almost had my first "I'm gonna throw up" incident bc of something being too dry to go down..

At 7 days post-op, I wasn't thinking that was an option.. I can not wait until my follow-up appointment with my surgeon on Tuesday.. hoping he can tell me I'll be allowed to start introducing more exercise into my life.. I miss doing something more than WALKING!!  Seriously, I would rather walk on a treadmill than walk around scenery.. At least with the treadmill I can watch tv, right?!

My mom is great with this whole surgery.. She's making meals that I can eat a little of.. Like yesterday, I had a little minced sausage, some boiled cabbage and a little mac n cheese.. It was awesome.. and took me an hour or more to eat.. lol.. Now while I may be bloating, I did fit into my Size large Fangtasia shirt finally.. :)

So, my first NSV, I guess!  YAY!!  Well, I'm off to go do a little cleaning with my vaccuum.. bc I can now and my house is kinda gross.. lol

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  1. don't stress, I'm sure it'll come off quick! you're body is prob just trying to get used to the changes. plus TOM always does this to us right?!