Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'm Out of the 250's!!

I'm so happy!!  I was worried that when I weighed myself this morning I was going to be disappointed.. because I am now on TOM #2 for the month.. :(  But I was seriously surprised when I saw the numbers looking up at me from the scale:


YAY!!  I haven't been this small in over a year!  If not longer.. I cannot be happier right now!!  I've been trying to eat properly (aka: protein first, veggies second, then carbs) and keeping my sugar count down.. and doing my mom's weighted hula hoop that she doesn't use anymore.. lol

I looked back and it's been about 14 months (possibly more) since I was this size.. and I can't wait to see the 230's.. maybe by the 10th of December??  Who knows with this surgery.. It's interesting though to explain all this to my friends who have no idea about this surgery..

I met my "little" C yesterday for lunch, with her beautiful little girl, and I told her not to worry about what she ate in front of me.. She was kind of confused but agreed.. I ordered grilled chicken tenders, pinto beans and hashbrown casserole (we ate at Cracker Barrel)..  I ate two chicken tenders, a couple bites of pinto beans and one bite of hashbrown casserole..  Then proceeded to put the rest of it into a box.. She then understood what I meant earlier.. I get full so easily now.. OH, not to mention the disappearing water trick I do.. lol

My waitress came up to refill my water glass that I'd almost finished while waiting for our food, and I told her I didn't need anymore and that I'd hid it so I wouldn't try to drink while I ate.. She kinda laughed and said okay.. This is the only way I know how to make sure I don't drink while eating.. To keep it out of my line of sight.. Because the alternative is not an option for me.. ick!

But C is currently preggo with TWINS!!  So I told her to eat up and don't worry about me.. and then proceeded to tell her (without grossing her out) what all goes on with my surgery.. and what I can and cannot eat.. Like how eggs just aren't agreeing with me..

That reminds me!  I have a page on Facebook that I've been posting a lot to.. If you'd like to "like" it and follow my progress there, please click here.. :)  You don't have to though.. It's okay.. I still love you, my follower.. lol

Well, I'm off to work a bit, then do my laundry.. :(  Have a wonderful Thursday!