Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 3 and 4..

This has been an amazing journey, and I'm only 4 days into it.. I can't imagine how much this is going to change my life down the road..  I'm planning to post my surgery pics on a "page" so people have the option to look at them.. and they are kinda graphic.. along with my current pics of my surgery sites..  They really are amazing, seeing as my surgery was done by a DiVinci robot!  This is why I was in and out of the hospital in 24 hours..

Yesterday was an interesting day.. I was sick of being stuck in this house, by myself.. so I text my mom and grandma that we were going to get pedicures at 3:30, no questions, no saying no.. lol.. so we all got pedi's and enjoyed talking about things (like the fact that I had yet to fart.. sorry, but I was really worried).. I was done earlier than my mom, so I went down the strip mall to the BMV to get my drivers license renewed and transfer my plates over to my new car..  Wasn't that far a walk, but for someone that has walked around a hospital ward 3 times max, it was kinda long.. so I waited for my mom and then we went to Wal-Mart.. that was probably a big mistake..  But I really needed things..

Well, we finally made it to her house, where she was sweet enough to do all my laundry (as small as the loads were) and we watch the new Spider Man movie while it was going.. I had a popsicle (and found out cold doesn't really effect my stomach like others claim it should) and some McDonald's tea.. that's when it started to hit me.. I got so nauseated.. and I'm not one to let myself vomit, so I just tried to help it pass.. I knew it was gas, but I knew if I burped stuff could come up with it.. Well, my friend Cassie came over and got me and we hung out at my house and chatted for a couple hours until I was about to pass out..

During that time, I FINALLY FARTED!! Yes, I realize how stupid and embarrassing this sounds, but I was so relieved that it finally happened.. plus, as soon as I did it, I felt so much better.. during this time, my belly was making funny noises, and my somewhat pessimistic side was wondering if I could have a leak.. EEK!  But it finally calmed down and it was all just gas, which I've been told will be an issue for the rest of my life.. :(

But today I woke up, after not taking my Lortab pain meds (I'm anti-narcotics), and felt 110% better.. It doesn't hurt to get out of bed this morning.. It doesn't hurt to bend over anymore.. I'm ecstatic.. So I'm planning to go for a walk around the lake later today.. See if I can keep this process going.. OH!  I'm super happy that tomorrow I get to start eating mushy foods!!  I can't wait to be able to chew something!  Sad, but I can honestly say I'm not craving any foods or hungry at all.. I just miss chewing something (especially since I've banned gum bc I have a habit of swallowing it).. 

Well, I'm out of here.. Oh, if you are interested in my daily weigh in's, I am posting them on the side of my blog.. :)


  1. I haven't commented much - but I have been keeping up with what's going on.. WHEN YOU BLOG! LOL

    I'm really excited to hear how this journey goes for you. You sound so optimistic and ready to take on the world... and I LOVE THAT!!

  2. Excited to hear how well it is going!