Monday, November 5, 2012

Countdown Is On..

Wasn't sure how to title this one, either "Day one of liquid diet" or "Two days left".. so I just went with something about a countdown.. lol..

So, as the almost titles suggest, today is day 1 of my 2 day liquid diet.. and it's not been half bad.. the automatic pilot I have to go to McDonald's on my way to work (while it's only to get an unsweetened tea and ice cream cone) is hard, but I'm getting used to it.. I hope I'm doing it right, bc while I'm sticking with plain liquids, I'm not sure how clear these liquids have to be.. lol

I've been trying to get my iPhone 4 to turn into a mobile hotspot, bc my internet at work isn't free.. so I eventually (after trying several different ideas) got the $20/month mobile hotspot from VZ.. :(  But at least I will have internet service out in the boonies where I work..  Not too happy to be paying them more money, but it beats getting a new line and all that crap..  But, I almost missed my PACE appointment bc I forgot my alarms were on my phone..

Went to sleep this morning (after working the night before) and set my alarm for 1, as my appointment was at 2.. woke up at 1:49pm and booked it to my appointment.. they were great enough to still do the appointment.. did some blood work, ran an EKG (which looked pretty, according to the Nurse), and gave me this gel stuff to take a shower with before my surgery.. It should be interesting to see what it is, but whatever keeps me from getting any hospital superbugs, I'm game..

Oh!  Some of you all follow me on Facebook, so you'll already know this.. I was robbed last Friday..  Yep, I was shocked.. and seriously didn't notice until I was sitting at my desk and looked at my laundry I had done the night before.. and it was sitting sideways instead of up and down.. Actually thought my dad had used it for some reason.. then I noticed other things out of place and then noticed the missing things..

Weirdly enough, they didn't get my laptop, but they did go through the bag and take my iPod and speakers.. took a bunch of other things, but nothing that can't be replaced.. Sadly, I know who did it, but can't prove it.. :(

Well, I'm off to warm up some chicken broth and relax a little before I have to get busy at work.. Good night, peeps!

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  1. Woohoo! Countdown!! It's so close! Very exciting.

    Okay, robbed is horrible. Robbed by someone you know, is ridiculous and horrible. Jackass.