Saturday, November 17, 2012

It's Beginning To Look..

A lot like Thanksgiving time..

Yeah, yeah, yeah.. I know that's not how the song goes.. lol.. but my brother, SIL, and niece are in town FINALLY for Thanksgiving and they bring their kitty with them.. Long story short, we're trading kitties.. Well, the one they brought isn't into traveling so she puked in the car.. and I was the one up at 5:30 am going over to give her a bath bc she stank.. Geez!!  Can I just say I've never really given a cat a bath.. and this one was pretty nice, no scratches, no mad dashes to get out of the tub sopping wet..

But I then went to bed on my mom's new mattress, and it's one of the new ones that come out of a box and they're filled with air?!  Have you ever heard of theses??  She got hers from WalMart, and I now want one.. They are super comfortable and you don't get any springs in bad places!  lol.. but seriously, best 5 hours of sleep I've had in a while.. :)

Totally forgot to weigh in yesterday, and this morning of course, but remembered before I started writing this, so I'm back down to 255.0..  And I'm sure my chicken rings and cheese sticks had something to do with it.. Weirdly enough, I now have a slightly annoying pain where one of my stitches sites is.. I'm not too worried, because it only hurts when I over do it.. but I will be calling my doctor on Monday (damn this happening on a weekend!)..

Well, I'm off to go make some smoothies now that I bought frozen fruit.. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

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