Monday, November 12, 2012

Well, That's Dissapointing..

After the past couple days of continuous 3 lb losses, I woke up hoping to put that I'd hit the 20 lb mark.. but I only lost .6 lbs since yesterday.. and while I know it's bc my body is prolly full of crap (yes, I just talked about poop! lol) and the stuff I TRIED to eat yesterday, I'm trying not to be too sad..

The one thing I have been noticing is that when I sleep, it's like my body turns into a sauna!  Seriously, I wake up in the morning and I have to take a shower bc my hair is all sweaty.. Ick!!  I feel a little like this doll when I wake up for the past couple days..  Lol

But no, seriously, I'm happy that I've already lost so much weight.. Sadly, I'm a doofus who forgot to take measurements BEFORE surgery, so I'm hoping I can talk one of my parents into helping me take them today or tomorrow before I lose too much more weight..

I've found it so much easier to take in water/juices over the last 24 hours.. and by this I mean that I finished a 6oz glass of juice in 30 minutes.. lol.. But I wouldn't have been able to finish that a couple days ago.. Now if only I could start eating all 2oz of the food I'm supposed to eat.. And why I'm annoyed with that, I'm not sure.. I know my stomach is still tender and getting used to food, but seriously, it's like that last bite or two just won't fit.. lol

Oh!  I found on the ObesityHelps website that someone else had bought a Weight Loss Surgery for Dummies cookbook!  I should have known that there would be one of those.. lol.. so I bought it and one other cookbook for Weight Loss Surgery.. Hoping they'll be here by Wednesday.. :)

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