Sunday, November 11, 2012

Can't Help But Wonder...

What it would feel like to pop a staple.. not that I WANT to, but they warn you that you could pop one, but never what could MAKE you pop a staple..

I made the mistake of eating a 3.2oz serving of the squeeze packet applesauce (yes, the ones supposedly for babies.. lol).. I ate it all without thinking about the size.. Yes, it took me about an hour.. Yes, I felt it for about an hour later (and if I wasn't so squeamish about barfing, I prolly would have done so).. and yes, I truly have learned my lesson..  I'm measuring everything out now in bowls.. and will only eat 1/2 of one of the applesauces a day..

I also realized that the majority of my fluids are supposed to be sugar-free.. and I've been drinking a lot of Powerade and juices (50% diluted).. and I think I was just drinking like I was when I was on my liquid diet.. but now I'm supposed to keep my sugars down, which makes sense.. So my plan is to make all my Powerades diluted and keep my juice to 4oz (8oz with water)/day.. And I'm keeping my V8 fusion bc it's a way to make sure I'm getting at least one serving of fruit and one serving of veggies, even if it takes me all day to drink it.. lol

Well after only 4 days (I was told it should take 5 to 7 days), my pain pump is empty.. so I just removed it.. Yes, by myself.. If you've ever had one of these, you know how weird it is to remove these.. and I had two different hoses to take out, which I'm not sure is normal, so it was that much weirder.. lol.. So I am officially off anything that could make driving unsafe for others.. While I'm still wary of driving bc of my healing, I'm glad that I have the ability to drive myself to the store if I have something..

Tried to get my dad to finally air up the tires on my bike (that I bought mid-summer), but he said no.. Dang it!  I forgot that he went through this with my mom.. He knows when I'm allowed to increase my activity.. Which isn't for two weeks.. So for the next 11 days, I'm stuck with walking.. :(  I'm already SO BORED with walking..

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