Thursday, November 8, 2012

Surgery and Discharged..

Well, as most of you know, yesterday was my surgery.. Along with my 29th birthday.. I figured I'd give all of you a brief recap of my last 30 hours or so..

Wednesday morning, at 7:00am (because my surgery was moved up due to a cancellation), I went to go pee in a cup to make sure I wasn't preggers.. lmao.. If I were, I'd be suing the makers of this IUD, plus whoever had sex with me without my knowledge.. ;)  But I went up to surgery and they came and got me around 7:30 to go into prep and all that..

Got TWO IV's in my hands (still not to sure why), but it took two different people to get them started bc my veins were tiny supposedly.. So note to self, don't try doing drugs.. lol.. but after they got them started, I waited about 2 hours to get into surgery.. My surgeon came in to talk to me, an anesthesiologist came to explain some stuff, and then around 9:30ish, they rolled me back there.. Surprisingly enough, I wasn't anxious until they took me away from my mom and grandma..

Thank goodness for wonderful Surgical Techs, anesthesiologists, and nurses.. Because they made it easier on me the whole ten minutes I was awake.. Don't remember anything about recovery, don't remember anything about getting moved to 2S, the floor I was staying on.. But I remember waking up sometime around 1 and seeing my mom and grandma there.. I think my dad was there by then too..

They gave me the pictures of my organs and my stomach after surgery.. Which I find totally fascinating..  Then I was on water all day and night.. Pure tap water.. UGH!  I got a lot more than I expected to get down, plus they were running saline bags too.. So I got up and down a lot, plus walking the hallways about every 2 hours..  By this morning, I was up to 3 laps.. Should have used my Fitbit while I was there to count my steps..

I noticed on my board in my room that I was to be discharged TODAY.. I was expecting tomorrow, but I was feeling better and kinda ready to go home..  So around 12 today, I got home from the hospital.. And got some presents.. New Tinkerbell scrub tops, and a new roller chair, since mine is breaking.. Took a 4 hour nap, and now I'm writing this.. Afterwards, I'm gonna go walk a little outside.. don't want any blood clots..

Tomorrow I will start posting daily weights, if anyone is interested..  TTFN! :)

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  1. Yay!!! So happy everything went well!! And HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Great bday present really! And you can make up for it next year BIG TIME. While wearing something so sexy.

    "I'd be suing the makers of this IUD, plus whoever had sex with me without my knowledge" - omg - i laughed so hard. Just ask my neighbour. She sent me a text that said "something funny?" Bahahaha!