Saturday, November 24, 2012

Full Bar trial.. Part One..

Well, as I sit here and wonder what I'm going to do with my Saturday night (prolly do research for a paper, yay me), I realize that I forgot to blog about an opportunity that was offered to me..

Has anyone NOT heard of Fullbar??  Just wondering.. If you haven't, here's a video of one of their commercials..

Now, when I got the email about trying out Fullbar products, I actually thought it was a scam.. Seriously, I haven't been back to blogging that long and these people want to give me free stuff to try?  Sure, let's see if it's real..  That basically was my internal conversation..  So when I actually got the box and found it had all sorts of goodies in it, I was shocked.. and excited!

I've seen the commercials for Fullbar, and of course, I was one of the ones that said "yeah, right".. but I'm going to keep an open mind while trying these things.. And honestly, I could use a different way to get protein.. Especially since I'm supposed to be getting 60-70 grams a day!  I'm probably getting a little over half that.. on a good day..

The package contained a lot of different products..  The bars I knew about.. The rest I had no idea about.. Here are pics of the box and all the stuff it contained..

When I opened the box, first thing I saw was a letter to me..

Just look at all these goodies!!  All for me!!

The box ended up containing 2 packs of Fullbar gum, a bag of Fullbites (cheddar flavor), 6 packs of gummies, and 8 different Fullbar's to try..
I'm excited to try the Fullbar's.. They gave me 4 different flavors to try: Peanut Butter crunch, Chocolate Caramel, Double Chocolate and my favorite flavor, Cranberry Almond..  They seem to be very soft, which I was worried about bc I can't have "normal" foods until the 2nd of December.. So I'm excited to see how these work and if they'll help me get more protein into my daily eating.. Almost put diet.. eek!

I have stopped weighing myself daily.. With TOM being around and all that, I was getting mad at my body when I know better.. However, I have had several NSV's since I quit weighing..

NSV #1: I can now fit, comfortably, back into my XL scrub tops and pants.. GOODBYE 2XL SCRUBS!!  WOOHOO!!

NSV #2:  I am currently fitting into my size 18 skinny jeans.. that means I've lost 2 pant sizes in the past 2 1/2 weeks.. :)  This will always make me happier than seeing a number on a scale..

My goal is not a weight.. It's more of a size.. If I can go between a 10 and a 12, I'll be happy forever..

Thankfully, I'm back at work, and my weight restrictions have been lifted.. I went for a bike ride today and plan to lift 5 lb weights while watching a movie in a bit, bc while I can't do hardcore exercising (aka nothing where I bounce) for 3 1/2 more weeks, I can lift weights to keep my arms from going chicken on me.. lol

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a wonderful weekend!  :)