Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Well Played Mother Nature..

Well after yesterday's not so stellar loss of .6 lbs, I was wondering if it'd be a permanent thing (bc I have no idea how slow or fast this can go), but it seems that yesterday was a fluke of sorts.. today I am at 254.6, so almost another 3 lbs.. I'm literally .2 lbs away from hitting the 20 lb mark.. and it's sad that I still have yet to drop sizes.. :(

Sad because I was warned that it might take a little bit.. BUT you can see my waistline again (several family members agree), and I had to adjust my eye glasses because they kept falling down my nose.. But yesterday Mother Nature came calling..... TWO WEEKS EARLY!!  I want to scream!  But I guess it's what we women do.. :(

My overall hope is that I can throw away my 2XL work clothes (or give away the ones that are still looking nice) before I go to work next Thursday.. One can always hope, right?!  Oh speaking of next Thursday, I've decided to bring my little bullet blender with me to Thanksgiving and grind up some turkey in some gravy so I can have it.. :)  I really like turkey, so this is a way to help me have a little.. plus all the veggies I can eat too, and mashed potatoes.. It will be a great Thanksgiving.. and Christmas!  I can't wait to start the next year in a new pants size!  lol

Well after yesterday's trip school, and the 5 hours until I got back home, I have decided to not make plans for today.. By the time yesterday was over, I was hurting.. Mainly because I used to plop into my car, and I can't really do that anymore..  Plus, sitting in class for 3 hours watching a movie is just not okay.. I need to remember to get up and walk around a bit..  Ugh!  I basically have to learn new habits.. for the better though.. :)

Well, I'm going back to bed.. Just because I can.. lol

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