Sunday, November 18, 2012

Well, I Didn't See That Coming..

Yesterday and today have been eye opening, and it's not even 9am..

Yesterday I had the pleasure of realizing why people without gall bladders shouldn't eat fatty food.. Anyone ever taken that weight loss pill Alli??  Well, if ya have, you know what I'm getting to.. If ya haven't, well basically the pill keeps your body from absorbing the fat from food.. Eat a particularly greasy meal, and you have to worry about pooping (or even farting) the grease out.. It's not really a good thing..  Well, I've learned my lesson, I think..  That was disgusting..

Yesterday I also got in the most protein since I've been home..  With everything, I ended up with a little over 60 grams of protein.. YAY!!  I just really hope that I can do that soon (as in like 6 months from now) without the smoothie.. Bc that protein powder can get expensive.. :(

Today, I weighed myself and was shocked to see 257.0.. NO WAY!!  So I realized it was on a bad part of our floor (it bows in certain places) and moved it.. it said 255.0 the second and third time..  This makes me mad because I went to the bathroom all the time last night.. but then again, I haven't been walking as much as I should.. :(  It's just so cold!!

But I'm going to suck it up and make sure I walk as soon as I get to my parents house in a couple hours.. I'd do it now, but I have to run and get a Dairy Queen cake and make it back to my parents house before noon..

Honestly, walking is so boring to me.. I'd much rather ride my bike or run!  I can't wait to go back to work, so I can use their gym or possibly get a gym membership up there.. Because walking/running outside is for the birds.. least when it's cold..

Well, I'm off to get ready to leave.. Have a wonderful Sunday.. and GO COLTS!!

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