Sunday, December 2, 2012

Well, It's Official..

I might be getting back my "Picture Whore" mojo!  lol.. I started out this entry like the rest of them for the past few weeks.. it was all about food and post-surgery talk.. Yep, I deleted the whole thing (only a couple of paragraphs, but still) and decided I was gonna talk about something totally unrelated to food and post-surgery anything..

Back when I was my thinnest, in June 2007, I took pictures of myself ALL THE TIME!  I seriously had probably 1,000+ pictures of myself (sometimes with other people, sometimes by myself) at that time.. Of course, I also smiled in all of them..

That time of my life, end of 2006 to mid-2007, was the happiest I've been in a long time.. I moved home at the end of 2007, because I started to get chubby and depressed around September..  I am finally getting to where I am happy a lot more, and actually enjoying going places..  This past weekend, I went to the Columbus Festival of Lights parade with my besties Amanda and Cassie (and their brood of kiddos) and was so happy to be out..

While I know I've only lost a bit of weight, I'm happy that it's happening FINALLY!  And it just took surgery!  ;)  But this picture is one of many that I plan to take in the future..

Well, I'm off to go finish my Katherine Hiegl marathon.. lol.. Oh, on a small food note, I can now eat anything normal people can eat!  YAY!!  Hope you all had a great weekend.. I know I did..

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