Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Kickin' It Old School..

And by old school, I mean the Original Just Dance game.. lol

Y'all remember this game right?!  Well, while my Wii was stolen (thanks to my dumb ass neighbors), my grandmother was nice enough to give me her rarely used one.. THANK YOU GRANDMA!!  I got it out of the box (yes, she still had the box 3 years later.. hehe) and did all the beginning stuff yesterday.. But I didn't get to work out with it until today (bc I'm a slacker, but I'm working on it), and boy did I forget how fun this game was..

I did 5 full songs (bc the short version should come with a "you're a sissy, just do the full version" pop up with it) and I was winded after the 3rd one.. I was determined to do 30 minutes of it (only did 25 because I forgot to look at the clock before starting), and then went to make dinner.. :)

Well, I got my workout in.. WOOHOO!!

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