Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I Want A Money Tree For Christmas..

Yep, if those actually existed, I'd want one for Christmas.. And so would everyone else I'm sure.. It'd be the hottest thing out there, instead of Furbies.. lol.. but no, seriously, my money flow is trickling down it seems..

It doesn't help that my full time job is not getting me ANY hours, and hasn't for the past 1.5 weeks.. I'm about to quit, if I could find a job to do instead of it.. ** Just called a place that I saw online, and all their appointments were booked.. geez!! **  I embarrassingly had to put back my two angels I got off the angel tree (which makes me mad and makes me sad), and I'm selling things I can no longer fit into (thank goodness) so that my bills get paid..

Thankfully, we are getting paid this week, and while it won't be much, it'll be enough to pay what I have to pay this week.. PLUS, we're getting a bonus next week!!  So that extra money will keep me going for a couple more weeks.. But if I don't start working next week at my full-time job, I'm gonna be in trouble come January..

Anyone have any ideas??  I hate looking for jobs (partly bc of my ADHD, partly bc it just sucks ass), but I will bc I can't afford to just sit at home.. unless I got to work from home, which would be fabulous, right?!  lol.. in my dreams!

I'm just worrying prematurely I think, but it's what I do.. I worry that I won't be able to pay for my car payment, or that something will happen while I'm on limited funds and I'll be screwed.. It's a battle I have with myself anymore.. If you'd have seen me 5 years ago, you'd never think I'd be like this.. 5 years ago, I couldn't have cared less if I could have paid my rent on time or any of my bills.. I just wanted to have fun whenever I could..  Job?!  Oh, I had one, but I didn't care about it and I called in frequently.. and eventually quit for an easier (and less hours) job..  I'm amazed that my friend and roomie didn't kill me back then.. :(

I am more mature now, and that means I have mature responsibilities.. aka paying my bills, keeping my job, not calling in, etc..  And if I want to move in February, I can't move knowing that I'm only working 23 hours a week (if that)..

Any ideas??

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