Saturday, December 8, 2012

So Close..

Well, I just hit my one month pre-op date.. and I'm kinda mad, kinda happy.. We all know how that is, right?!  I'm mad because I haven't lost as much as I'd hoped to lose in the first month, but I'm happy because I lost a lot of weight despite having TWO TOM's.. So here's the recap for the month, weigh in wise:

Month 1: -27.8 lbs

I'm so close to 30 lbs I can taste it!  But the main reason I'm mad is because I haven't really been following the "rules" too much.. Yes, I have been getting my 60 grams of protein in a day.. but I looked at my menu thing they gave me, and it says no more than 4 oz per meal.. I know for a fact that I was eating more than that at some meals.. I mean, one of the chicken breasts I eat is 5oz by itself..

As I look back though, I get full and wait a bit, then eat some more.. and that's not good at all..  I need to follow the "rules" for as long as I can, to maximize my weight loss.. I was also afraid that doing my workout on the Wii wasn't a good idea bc I felt icky the next day.. But after it wore off, I knew it was just all the crap floating around..

Oh yeah, what is with this flu epidemic that seems to have hit EVERYWHERE?!  Seriously, I just want to put out a box of yellow masks at my door and tell people to stay the hell away from me if they even have the sniffles.. lol.. I have had my flu shot, and hopefully won't get this crappy thing..  I don't like to throw up in any way/shape/form.. Ick!

Well, I'm off to enjoy my weekend.. All these birds chirping makes me wonder if they are as confused about the weather as Mother Nature is.. and I may take advantage of it and go for a bike ride.. :)

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  1. We'll lose more weight! Good job getting back on tracking.