Friday, December 14, 2012

In A Perfect World..

In MY perfect world..

There is no doubt in a higher power (whatever it may be to you)..
Cupcakes and cookies don't make you fat..
Everyone would find their soul mate..
Exercise would make us look awesome right away.. 
There are no children dying..
There are no people dying because someone else made a bad decision..
Parents would take care of their children before anything else..
Unemployment wouldn't be a problem..
The world wouldn't be in the state it is in..

Today's tragedy is just one more reason why I'm not sure I want to have children any time soon.. Yes, I realize it's not really an issue right now, but you know what I mean..  I don't watch the news for a reason.. It never says anything good, does it?!  There is never stories about the people who have become U.S. Citizens, or about how many people have found jobs in *this much time*.. It's about how people are dying, or how the weather is wrecking havoc on our county..

I hate that anyone has to worry about if they'll see their loved ones tomorrow.. I truly would love to say that I am untouched by this recent shooting, but I'd be lying.. When I saw this news story, my first thought was "I hope they kill that bastard".. Yes, I thought that.. I may lose followers over my opinion of this, but my stance is that if you kill even one child ("accident" or not) you deserve to die..  But the government doesn't think that's "humane".. What is humane about someone taking a child's life?!  And now I just found out that they found the body of a 19 year old that's been missing for 3 months.. When will the killing end??

Okay, enough darkness..

Tomorrow is my father's 50th birthday!  Shocking, but true.. I am a creative person, so I made him a diaper cake.. :)  Wanna see it?!  Well, here it is..

It's got all sorts of adult diapers in it.. plus some "50" suckers, Warning tape and a magnifying glass.. :)  I also got him an inflatable walker for a gag.. lol

I'm hoping he'll have a great birthday.. :)

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  1. Love the idea of a adult diaper cake for a 50th birthday.