Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sleep Study Overview..

Just a warning: There are some pretty funny (and embarrassing on my part) 
pictures about to come your way..  So enjoy!  :)

So, yesterday was supposed to be a great day.. I got to celebrate my BFF's birthday, I was off work, and I got to get my sleep study done.. I was excited!  Then I locked my keys in my car (for the 4th time in like 3 months), found out my brother and SIL have to move (possibly to ARKANSAS) by the end of the Summer, and remembered I wasn't able to take a nap at all..

By the time 8pm came by, which is when I was leaving my BFF's house, I was exhausted.. I had to check in by 8:15pm and I was there early.. with my highlighter pink VS bag and pillow under my arm.. lol

I wish I'd gotten a pic of my sleep study tech, but I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have been able to anyways.  But her name was Jenny, and she was super sweet.. kept talking to me about all sorts of stuff so it didn't get weird.. lol.. Here's my "before" picture:

Oh, and the room?!  I was expecting a little better than a normal private hospital room.. sure as hell was surprised when I walked into this..

The bed was pretty comfy, surprisingly enough.. lol.. and of course, I couldn't end the night without watching a little NASCAR.. lol

While I was watching TV, Jenny started to put on the nice little electrodes.. YAY (insert sarcasm here)!!  I looked FABULOUS!!  lmao..

OH, and here's the final picture.. I basically had tubes all around me, and had to call out when I had to pee.. lol.. 

But Jenny was super sweet and said that I needed to be asleep for at least 6 hours and that she'd wake me up a little before 6 because of shift change..  I got about 8 hours (thank GOODNESS!) and then had the fun task of taking off the lovely tape.. EEK!!  It wasn't that bad, but the electrode on the top of my head left a sweet little red mark on my scalp and then I saw these when I got out of the shower..  I LOOK LIKE I HAVE TONS OF HICKEYS, DAMN IT!!

That last pic is of the mark on my cheekbone where the tape irritated my skin.. lol.. just in case you are wondering..  Well, that's all folks.. I'm off to get ready for work..


  1. OMG i dont know whether I'd love to do that or hate it! It's exciting though!! That room is SO much better than mine hehe.

  2. But her name was Jenny, and she was super sweet.. kept talking to me about all sorts of stuff so it didn't get
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