Sunday, April 8, 2012

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life..

Sounds cliche, but it is true.. Tomorrow at 6pm is my initial bariatric "info session".. this session will get the 6 month long trip to eventually getting my bariatric surgery.. :)  So hopefully by Christmas I will be in smaller clothing.. Hopefully by next Easter, I will be almost done losing..

I am surprised that I haven't had any bad comments since my "Decisions" post.. honestly, I figured someone would say something unsupportive, but I am happy to see that most of you are supportive of this decision..  AND I DIDN'T LOSE ANY FOLLOWERS!!!  That makes me the most happy.. 

Alright, so I realize that a lot of people probably are assuming that I am getting the "scary" kind of bariatric surgery.. the one that messes with your intestines and all that.. but the sleeve gastrectomy is amazing!  seriously, when my mom had it, I was amazed at how little was actually done, and how cool it all sounded.. sorry, but stuff like that amazes me..

So here is a little picture I found of what will happen to my stomach during the sleeve gastrectomy procedure..

Honestly, doesn't that just look cool?!  I mean, yeah it's kinda scary bc it's surgery but it's still amazing to me..  PLUS, my hospital has a DiVinci machine, so all of my incisions will be done laprascopically by a machine.. I'm so excited to get this ball rolling..

I have been looking online for blogs about bariatric surgery, but there aren't a lot out there.. so I plan to blog about every damn thing involved with this procedure and my life before and after it.. so maybe someday someone will see my blog and it'll make a difference for someone considering this procedure.. 

Off to bed I go.. Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter (or whatever you and your family chose to celebrate).. :)


  1. Hey girly! Actually, there are a ton of blogs about bariatric surgery. I know someone who got the lapband about two years ago and she made a lot of bariatric blogger friends. Remind me, but I'll link some of them to you when I get home tomorrow.

    Good luck tomorrow night!

  2. Hey chica - I think its great that you are exploring other opportunities. You have to do what works for you.

    I don't know if you have heard of phentramine or not but its a prescription appettite suppressor. Its amazing and you may want to look into if you are having any second thoughts about the surgery.

    Good lucky!