Monday, April 2, 2012

Decisions Are Being Made..

This post is a post that won't prolly get good reactions..  And that's fine..  Not everyone is going to react well to this decision I have made, but I hope that no one will be straight up mean about it..

We all know how badly I've been doing on my weight loss.. I'd lose a few, gain some more, lose a few more, gain some more..  And over the past couple months, I've been doing a lot of the same..  But because I felt defeated, I didn't want to put it up here..

After months of thinking about it, in a serious "this could be a great thing" kind of way, and with much advice from my mom, I have decided to go through with getting the sleeve gastrectomy done..  While my reasons ultimately are my own, I feel like I have to kind of defend my decision..

I do realize that this is more than likely being seen as an easy way out.. but anyone who has been following me for a while should know that I've been trying to lose weight for a long time.. and while I might have tried different methods than others, none of them have worked for me.. and I have faith that this will work for me.. it'll give me no option but to make healthy choices, bc I only have so much I'll be able to eat..

I can honestly say that working out right now, at 269 lbs, is a joke.. Wait, let me explain what I mean.. While I applaud anyone who starts walking and works up to stuff, that is not me.. My ADHD personality just won't let me walk.. Running is something my brain wants me to do.. my body just laughs and falls apart for a few days afterwards..

Plus, working out at this weight will not accomplish much.. Bc I still am eating whenever I can, whatever I can.. which is one thing that will be worked on during the 6 month "waiting period".. My hospital (and insurance) makes you go through 6 months worth of visits to dieticians, therapists, doctors, etc.. I wish my mom had done this when she had hers 2 years ago, but back then it was optional.. Now, it's mandatory..  

I don't know how I know this will work for me, but I just do.. I know that I will make better food decisions bc I won't want to waste what little food I can eat (after surgery) on junk food..  And I know I will go to the gym, bc I know I will see results regardless, but I'd like to make sure I not just lose fat but gain endurance.. and hopefully not have too much saggy skin..

Okay, I'm done defending myself..

Bring on the comments.................... 


  1. I'm not about to criticize anyone for this type of choice, I can't bring myself to get any type of WLS, but I know the desperation and helplessness that brings you to such a place and I say if you've thought it through, well, good luck to you.

  2. You'll get no critism from me. I know first hand what a decision weight loss surgery is, I made it for myself. 19 months ago. Getting lap-banded is the best thing I've done for myself ever. Best of luck to you!!

  3. Same here. It is a very personal decision and I would never blast someone who does it. It is certainly not the easy way out either. Yes it will help but it a surgical procedure.