Friday, April 20, 2012

Thinking About Surgery..

I've been thinking about this surgery since my mom got it 2 years ago..  but lately, since I've got the ball rolling, I've been thinking more about a different aspect of it:

How to document it!

After seeing Jen @ Prior Fat Girl's skin removal surgery pictures, I'm truly hoping I can get one of the nurses to take some pics of the robot they're gonna use and stuff like that.. I already know, if things go like they did with my mom, that they'll pull my excess stomach out through my belly button.. very Alien-esque (prolly the closest I'll ever come to comparing to Sigourney Weaver).. lol

But my original plan was to hopefully have this surgery by the middle of October.. but it's looking like it's gonna be sometime in November..  hopefully I will find out exactly at my first Dietary meeting on Monday.. Just to leave ya with a little picture in your head, here's a pic of the robot that will be used in my surgery..

This machine looks AWESOME!!  And it lessens the amount of internal scarring compared to laparascopically..  I seriously can't wait to get all these appointments scheduled and get my surgery scheduled..  Maybe I'll have the surgery on my 29th birthday.. lol.. who knows..

On another note, thanks to my increasing hours at my better job, I have gone down to 28 hours (2- 14 hour shifts) a week at the other job.. After the past two days, it was definitely an easy decision.. Plus, I'm working 5 days next week, and all but one are full 6-7 hour days..  Very exciting.. :)  Now, if only they would put me onto Full-Time with payroll, so I could save some extra money..

Happy Friday!!


  1. I saw Jen's posts and I thought she looks great and super happy with the results! Best of luck with everything :)

  2. Good luck with "thinking about" it.

  3. Ohh its not a easy task, But this is really good way to skin removal, We really impressed you work, and best of luck.

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