Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bariatric Surgery Seminar

Well, as most of you know, last night was the first "official" step towards getting the sleeve gastrectomy done..  and boy was it weird..

Honestly, because my mom had the procedure almost 2 years ago (and I ask WAY too many questions anyways) I already knew most of what they told us.. However, the other bariatric options scared the crap out of me.. I told my mom as soon as I got home that no matter what, she is not to allow them to do anything with my intestines.. And while I don't think that will actually happen, because I only have the 100 lbs to lose, but you never know..

The seminar was 2 hours long, and it blew by.. they showed videos of what they do during the surgery, and Dr. Cooper, the main surgeon (I actually think he's the only surgeon) that does bariatric surgeries, answered questions.. they also had 3 people that had some form of bariatric surgery in the past.. One guy had lost 150 lbs in 3 months.. I was shocked!  and happy for him..

I was probably one of the thinnest people there.. and I'm wondering if the Bariatric Coordinator took me serious when I handed her my paperwork to get the ball rolling on this process..  I guess we'll see..

Did you know that while Medicaid/Medicare will pay for the Lap-Band surgery, they DO NOT cover the subsequent injections??  What the hell is wrong with our government?!  Seriously, why would you let someone get the Lap-Band then not cover the rest of the tools needed to help it work?!

Thankfully, my insurance is AWESOME!  and thanks to my newly implanted IUD, my $1250 deductible is taken care of.. so all of it should only cost me 10%..  which I realize is still going to be in the range of $15,000 to $20,000 at the end.. but it will be worth it..

Oh, keep an eye out for my entry tomorrow, if you want to see embarrassing pictures.. I made the mistake of taking "before" pictures.. and of course, I plan to post them on here.. because that is how much I despise this body.. lol


  1. Congrats on taking the first step. I'm really proud of you, Sarah.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Sabrina's. I just had my band put in 3 weeks ago today. I too was the thinnest person at the seminar when I started the process. And it is a process. My email is shevy9d6d@msn.com and I blog at http://didireallysaythat.blogspot.com/ . If you have questions from some one who is going through it or want to chat, please contact me! My husband also had a band placed a year ago and has lost 140 pounds. Good luck!