Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Bypass Appointment..

Well, this entry was supposed to be posted on Monday, but seeing as the Blogger app kept closing and deleting parts of my entry, it had to wait til today.. So here's all about my first Bypass appointment..

The appointment wasn't very informative, seeing as most questions were answered when my mom had the procedure done 2 years ago.. and it seems like not much has changed since then, at least with the surgery..

Here's what I did learn from the meeting:

 **  I will have 5 incisions (my mom only had 3 and one was in her belly button).. this might be only 4 if i have a normal liver size..
**  I have a BMI of 40, according to the height/weight scale..
**  I have to see a dietician AT LEAST 6 times before my surgery..
**  I get to have a sleep study done.. I'm looking forward to this, as I've had sleeping issues for a while..
**  All these meetings will have to take place before surgery.. and if certain things happen before that date, it'll be pushed back.. so I'm not allowed to do anything that involves steroids to fix it..

I have to see a bunch of people over the next 6 months too.. so my insurance is going to be working overtime for me.. lol

I have to make the following appointments:

** 6 dietary appointments
** a Psych consultation (that I've been told should take around 3 HOURS!!)
** a meeting with my surgeon
** an appointment with my primary doctor to get a letter from my doctor (not sure what this is supposed to say though)
** a sleep study (which is this Saturday, check out that entry for the AMAZING pics!)
** a Support Group meeting

And I also have to write a letter and get a letter from a person of support.. Again, I have no idea what these are supposed to say, but I'm sure that will be explained to me in the future..

My Psych consult and my sleep study appointments were made today.. My sleep study should be interesting, and my Psych consult is being done by my neighbor.. YAY !!  But that appointment is in the beginning of June.. I'm definitely going to call on Monday, if they don't call tomorrow, to make appointments with dietary..  and the support groups sound pretty fun, for support groups.. :)

I'm looking forward to all of this.. can ya tell??

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  1. Is it expensive to get it done in the USA?