Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Seriously, it is one of the few things I absolutely cannot do without..  But I don't love to shop for clothes (and I think most heavy people agree with me on this)..

I love to shop for anything HOME related..

And not just furniture or throw pillows.. I love to shop for hand soap, laundry detergent, body wash, towels, decorative things..  I kid you not, I have a huge stash stored away for when I move out.. Now before any criticism starts, I've only been doing this recently (since I thought I was going to move out in January) and have continued doing so since realizing I need to be out of my parents house by the beginning of next year..

I also only buy things (for the most part) if they are on sale.. Yes, people, I am a couponer.. BUT I am not an extreme couponer.. I just cut them out and then try to find good deals.. I will NOT go out of my way to go to a different store for something..

Why am I writing about this today?  Because today I went SHOPPING!!  And bought all sorts of goodies.. and by goodies I mean like toilet cleaner, some coloring books for my niece, some Triaminic, a shelf for the bathroom, a shovel (hey, it was $1), and a pink wooden tray.. With gift cards, my Shopkick rewards, and coupons I paid less than $2 OOP..  Seriously, that's happiness to me.. lol

Btw, if you don't know what Shopkick is (and you enjoy saving money), please click here.. It's a really great app that, even if you only use the coupons and don't do the scans, can save you tons of money.. Honestly, I've scanned my way to over $100 in free gift cards, not to mention how much I've saved thanks to special coupons available through it..  If you are interested in getting it, email me and I'll send you a link to get 50 "shopkicks" points to start out with.. if you live in/near a city with a mall in it, you will have no problem getting gift cards quickly.. 2500 "shopkicks" can get you a $10 gift card to places like Target, Best Buy, American Eagle, Toys 'R Us, or iTunes..  I mean, you can get "shopkicks" just for walking in (and then walking out if you want) of a store..

Okay, I'm done with that push.. lol.. I also FINALLY got to JoAnn Fabric.. and totally forgot to get the one thing I needed.. but I did finally return the filling from a quilt I was going to make and got $10.69 back from that.. So I'll go back and get it.. Eventually.. :)

Sitting here at work, having to stay mostly awake is hard, but having a laptop (thanks to my grandma being on vacay I am using hers) makes it easier..  So I'm off to read some blogs then hopefully finish Season 3 of Mad Men on Netflix.. There's another thing that makes me happy..


  1. I will pretty much buy anything if its on sale.