Monday, May 14, 2012

Hello?! Is Anyone There??

I feel like I've lost all my followers.. While yes, I still have them, I miss all the comments I used to get.. but then again, I'm only talking now.. no weigh ins, no NSV's..

BUT........ I really want some feedback this time, so I'm hoping that more people look at (and comment on) this entry..

My life is boring!! 

Yep, snooze fest at my house.. :(   I am a creative person.. until it's time to come up with ideas of what to do in my spare time.. I need to get out of my comfort zone.. so here's where YOU come in..

What is a hobby that you like to do??  What do you try to do every now and then to keep life interesting?? 

I'm begging you........ HELP!!


  1. Exercising is my hobby, habit, addiction, whatever you want to call it. Now and then I like to try something new to me or a little different from what I've been doing. Biking and pilates are my latest things. :)

  2. I volunteer at the local ball park...and I've started doing 1 5k a month with my new friend from the office building I work at...and just last night I volunteered at the local food coop (in hopes of making new friends but I don't think I'll be going back-THEY were not friendly at all!). I'm just doing anything different that sounds fun and interesting. No limits...

  3. Hello Sarah~! I'm completely new to blogging! I just made my blog yesterday as per required now that I am starting a healthy weight loss journey. I've been "thin" in the past, but never happy as I wasn't being healthy about it.
    I'm sorry I haven't been around long enough to follow you in the past - but now you can add a new follower to your list C:
    I am still learning about health awareness, so I don't have much written up yet, but I intend to update daily and also keep up with following other blogs. I hope we can become friends and support each other :)

    Before getting into health, my hobbies have always been art, I do paint/draw but my favorite is crafting, from embroidery to making clothes - I love fashion! I've always been into fashion, but never had the body for it, one of my dreams is to be able to fit into clothes I make :). Other than that, I enjoy cooking and animals - Just recently moved so presently we only have a 10 gallon freshwater aquarium and an adorable new baby ferret named Mischa. I also really love watching movies. That's about me in a nutshull :) Look forward from hearing more from you! <3 I may be browsing your archive so I might end up commenting on some older entries - hope you don't mind. Peace ~

  4. I go on YouTube and watch silly videos LOL I definitely need to get out more!

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