Thursday, June 28, 2012

Magic Mike, Heat, and Sweat..

Okay, let me first start with this:


I'm sorry I've been away for a long time, but it's been a weird couple of months.. But it seems like it's been longer than 1.5 months since I last blogged..

I plan to write another entry (hopefully tomorrow or Saturday) about all my VS surgery appointments.. But right now, life is kinda exciting for me, outside of my impending surgery..

Thanks to a local Louisvile radio station (and my stalker-like actions with them.. Hehe) I aw able to win 2 tickets to their Wednesday night premier of Magic Mike.. Don't know what that is?! Where have you been?! Google it..

Thankfully it was at 7:30pm, not at midnight like I originally thought.. And THEY HAD STRIPPERS!! In a movie theater!! The girl next to me was celebrating her last day being 20-something, so she got a tank top..

Of course, I'm always wanting free shirts, so I asked what we have to do to get a black shirt.. Lmao.. Well, the proof is in the picture, right?!

Mean guy wouldn't let me touch him.. :( But I got my shirt.. Thankfully we were in the front row.. Too bad the movie wasn't in 3D though.. Hehehe

By the time we left (at 9:30 pm), thanks tiny social anxiety, I was pooped.. Not a lot of people get how much energy it takes to go out in strange places right now. I used to be so outgoing, and since gaining all this weight I've become so introverted.. It's sad, to me.. It now takes me DAYS to 'bounce back'.. I'm seriously hoping that changes once I start losing weight..

And now, we have the hottest week in Indiana EVER! I'm not made for this kind of heat.. Pretty sure all my chubby peeps are feeling the same way.. HEAT IS BAD! I can't wear makeup, my hair frizzed out no matter how I fix it, and all my work stuff is HOT AS HELL when I go to use it.. Ugh!

Oh yeah, did I mention I'm going to Kings Island on Sunday with my BFF an my cousin?! Not too happy about going ANYWHERE in a bathing suit, but it should be fun.. We're going for 2 days (thanks to $25 tickets from work).. I haven't been there since high school.. The Rugrats characters were still there when I went last.. Lol

One last thing.... I'm almost up to 280 lbs.. I was shocked when I saw that.. But more on that later..

How's YOUR week going?


  1. Saw Magiv Mike hot hot!! And I'm all about ponytails in the summer with my curly hair (I often look like side show bob with the humidity!! LOL). And swim suits-I won't go there...I've gained 20 of the 50 I lost back. sigh.

  2. I so get how you feel about going out. I'm there right now. Before I say yes to do anything I go over how I think I'm going to feel and what I'm going to wear and will I feel comfortable. Yesterday, I got dressed and looked in the mirror and actually matters "can't believe I even f*cking go out". Horrible way to feel!! And it is super hot here too. Yes, in Canada. Today it was 37. That's 99 F. It's been like this for a week and the forecast is for another two weeks. Definitely not motivated to get myself presentable and out of the AC!!!! Hopefully we can both get out of this rut ASAP!

  3. It now takes me DAYS to 'bounce back'.. seriously hoping that changes once start losing weight..

    Vind Konkurrence

  4. About all my VS surgery appointments.. But right now, life is kinda exciting for me, outside of impending surgery..

    Jiu Jitsu

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