Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Well, hmmm..

Okay, so I was asked what happened to me and my blog today.. and honestly, I can't answer that simply because it's not simple whatsoever..  Wanna know why?!  Well, since I just read Sabrina's blog, I'm gonna do a bullet list.. :)

* I'm broke and barely working..
* I'm barely working enough to cover my "rent", car payment, 
car insurance and gas.. aka my bare necessities..
* I can't afford to buy junk food, let alone healthy stuff..
* Due to lack of funds, I'm basically stuck at home..
* And due to being stuck at home, I've gotten SERIOUSLY lazy..

Now, what am I planning to do to fix all this, may you ask?!

* I've applied to my local YMCA for a financially assisted membership..
* I'm waiting (with bated breath) to hear if I got a better (40+/week) job..
* I'm trying not to eat too much junk..
* I've got an idea how to make myself get more stuff done.. more on that tomorrow..
* I'm trying to figure out the at-home working out thing.. I WANT A TREADMILL!!  :(

A big part of me (no pun intended) is wishing this would just be easy.. that I could just not pay attention to what I'm putting in my mouth, not do any activity and just lose the almost 80 lbs I need to lose.. Wouldn't that be AWESOME?!  and a flipping miracle!?  And there is my laziness again!!

I'm thinking, with my ADHD brain (which unfortunately has made me a "late bloomer" with most things in life), I may have to go high school with this weight loss issue (and yes, I'm going to stop calling this a journey.. A journey implies it's a nice thing.. Nope, this isn't a nice thing.. it's a pain in my ass!!  So this is an issue to me, and one I plan to get a hold of starting today).. The plan?!  To get EVERY Victoria's Secret, Cosmo, Glamour, Fitness and Shape magazine that I own and cut out all the pretty people and clothes I aspire to look like/fit into when I get slimmer and putting them on a poster board above my refrigerator..  See, told ya it was going high school.. lol..

OH!  and I plan to buy a full length mirror (a cheapy for now) and put it somewhere so I HAVE to see my full self multiple times a day.. I think that's half my issue.. as long as my face looks good (which I still only have one chin despite gaining weight), I'm telling myself it's okay.. IT ENDS NOW!!  I'm off to go break out the scissors and magazines.. :)

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  1. Sarah, I'm crossing my fingers that you get the job, it looks like you have a great plan in place to help yourself during this hard time. I love the magazine idea :) I may have to try something similar.