Monday, July 11, 2011

Putting My BG Panties On..

Yeah, you read that right.. I'm putting my Big Girl panties on.. and no, not literally.. but I've kinda been living with my head in the sand about some things, financial things, and it's time that I try to fix them (or at least attempt to)..

I don't have that much debt.. I have a few store credit cards, some medical bills, and a lot of student loans.. my credit cards are not anymore than $600 each, and my medical bills aren't even close to that, but my student loans.. WOW!  I don't even like looking at the zeroes attached to that bill.. :(

And yet, even making $500 a week (which I was at one point making), I never paid everything on time.. Honestly, I didn't care sometimes.. I know, I'm irresponsible.. which is partly why I'm not trying to date.. Who wants to date someone with so much bad judgement!?  This is a rhetorical question, btw.. lol.. I don't care what you say, once a guy finds out that I'd rather shop than pay my bills, he's gonna run for the hills.. 

Yes, I know I need to go see a therapist.. admit it, some of you are thinking that I need help.. and I'll be right there agreeing with you.. but I've noticed that there aren't many FREE or CHEAP therapists around me.. :(  So I'm going to do this on my own.. well, kinda.. I plan to look for books on how to pay off my debt with what little money I have..

So if you have any good "get out of debt" books or websites for me, I'd be eternally grateful.. :)


  1. Dave ramsey for sure. he wrote the total money makeover. we use his principles and it's really turned our financial life around!

  2. I second the Dave Ramsey vote. His stuff is practical and works!

  3. I was in the same situation as you when I was your age. I don't know what clicked but it finally did. I started off by paying my minimum payment on everything for the first two months. Then in the third month, I doubled the minimum payment on the debt carrying the highest interest rate. Then the fourth month, I tried to pay more on it. When the highest interest debt was paid off, I moved all the money i was paying to it, to the next highest interest rate. Before too long, it was moving pretty quickly and making that last payment was a HUGE FEELING OF PRIDE. Huge.

  4. Check out Til Debt Do Us Part or Princess with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, she is great!

  5. Dave Ramsey is supposed to be awesome!