Thursday, July 14, 2011


We all make them, right?!

Well, I've been racking up my mistakes like pennies in a jar..


I know that I shouldn't live in the past.. but things in the present make me think back to the past.. like last night, I went to the county fair with my BFF and her kiddos.. we had a pretty good time.. and yes, I made sure I got my funnel cake.. but then I ran into a guy I dated with his son.. and I just wished so bad I hadn't screwed that up.. Honestly, he's one of those "I wanna go back in time and make sure I don't do it again" kinda mistakes.. I was so unhappy with myself when we started dating (and really jaded) that I just screwed it up before it had any room to go anywhere.. WTF?!

Why oh why do we screw things up when we really want them?!  I am not alone in this feeling.. I have a friend who is at this point now.. and we both deserve happiness.. don't we all?!  Of course, this guy that I'm talking about is dating someone (I'm prettier.. and yes, I feel a teeny bit bad for saying that).. and it doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon, so I'm back to wishing from afar (not really, but it sounded better than "giving up")..


Now, onto the weight related part of this post.. As I write this, I'm eating mini marshmallows.. Yep, and underneath it lays my newest issue of Fitness magazine.. The irony is not lost on me.. But I honestly am so stressed out that trying to fix my food issues right now would prolly push me over the proverbial edge.. I AM however working out a way to afford my gym near my house.. I'm hoping that I can get started soon, seeing as I've been working so much and should be able to afford the joining fee..

I am currently dealing with my TOM, which means that NOTHING fits me correctly and I'm craving marshmallows.. ugh!  I can't wait to get health insurance and get checked out for endometriosis or PCOS..  All of this cannot be normal.. but that's another issue all together.. lol

Tomorrow is my weigh in.. and as you can imagine, I'm NOT looking forward to it..  I wish life were simple at least 60% of the time.. right now, for every good thing that happens in my life, two bad things happen (big or small).. did I mention I had a job interview at a hospital I REALLY want to get on at this morning?!  Yeah, and from what all she said (giving me pretty specific time lines and saying that while someone else makes the decision, she has the final word) I should be hearing back from them soon.. and then I get a letter in the mail saying my car insurance was being cancelled because I didn't give them info about MY MOM!!  WTF?!  1. I never got a letter saying they needed said info and 2. What's my mom got to do with MY car insurance?!  

I got it figured out, I think.. but still, it should never have happened..  My luck is just nuts!!

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  1. Booooo! I can so relate to looking at the past and I've at least ten more years of past to look at than you! hahaha, but yes, I understand. There are some days where it wouldn't even phase running into something/someone like that and other days where it can reduce me to a puddle. Don't be too hard on yourself. Easier said than done I know. Chin up young person!