Thursday, July 7, 2011

Today Will Be Bad..

Food-wise, it will be pretty bad.. I need to go grocery shopping for some more fruits and veggies, some lunch meat, and soups! I can't wait to have soup again! Is that sad?  ;)

I say it's going to be bad bc tonight is our True Blood night.. this is where me, my mom, and my grandma get together (she cooks) and watch two to three episodes of True Blood.. We get to spend time together, eat, talk, and watch Eric Northam.. yummy!  lol.. and I requested my grandma's homemade tirimisu for tonight.. OMG! It's to die for.. and with work and this, I am not gonna be able to workout until around 11 tonight.. but i'm still hoping to get my Just Dance game out and dust its off tonight.. :)

Oh, did I mention lunch was pizza and my lettuce mix is nasty?!  :(  no salad for me with my slices.. add that to my list.. ugh!


  1. Eric Northman...such wonderful eye candy!

  2. I loveeeeee tirimisu! Pleaseeee ask your grandma to send me some!!!