Friday, June 3, 2011

When Is Comfort a Bad Thing?

Here's the post I was talking about a few days ago.. CM reminded me that I forgot about it.. lol..

We all want to be comfortable.. Women will wear seriously high shoes.. Men will wear nice clothing.. but the majority of us will remove all that uncomfortable stuff as soon as we hit the front door.. Now this is just talking about physical comfort.. Emotional and mental comfort is a whole different ball game..

My body isn't comfortable being fat.. During my recent 15(ish) pound gain, I noticed that my stomach wasn't happy.. my skin itched.. and I was having headaches more than I normally do..  It eventually got acclimated to being that much bigger, but that made me wonder why I let myself gain that back..

Then I realized something.. I became MENTALLY comfortable.. way too comfortable.. I think this happens quite frequently with overweight people.. After a certain weight/point/stage, we become comfortable with our 'fat self' and make our lives easier to accomidate our added weight.. We stop looking in mirrors, we start looking for function over fashion (to a certain extent) in clothes, and we realize that we haven't seen certain people in months for one reason or another..

I know I haven't had fun hanging out with my skinny friends in a LONG time.. sorry ladies.. but anytime I get asked to go dancing, I know I will be leaving before 12am bc I'm so aware of how guys AREN'T looking at me and how they are staring at my skinny friends..  Am I alone in this way of thinking? I don't think so..

Men prolly have it worse, as they (from what I understand) revolve around sports, and you can only do so much in a bigger body.. but as a woman, I know it sucks for me.. Well, I'm done being comfortable in this fat body!  I hope my resolve lasts for as long as it takes me to lose 65 more lbs.. as I am running out of fat clothes and I can't wear skin tight clothes with a belly (without one, now that's another story.. hehe)..


  1. I've always had the impression that Women have it worse because there is a lot of pressure out there in magazines, television advertisments, clothes shops etc for Women to look skinny. I bet if I buy a random woman's magazine, there are articles about diets throughout it. Men however don't have that kind of pressure constantly shoved in our faces however the downside to that is that there isn't enough support out there for men to lose weight because it's all focused towards women.

  2. Obviously my opinion is based on a British prespective. It would be interesting to compare different countries.

  3. Tim, I agree with you and that's pretty much how it is in Canada...