Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I Broke Down..

and FINALLY tried out my ShakeWeight..

I'm sure most of you are like, "Wait, hasn't she tried it already?!"  I blogged about it a long time ago, but I never actually tried it.. I know someone asked why I couldn't use it without the DVD, and I don't think I ever answered.. The DVD gives you a 6 minute workout that, if you do it daily, should get your arms bangin'.. And I can say that I agree.. I finally decided enough was enough and put it in to do.. Not watch, but do!  I kept thinking it couldn't be too terribly hard to follow the first time around, and I was right..  It's pretty simple, and looks easy.. I was wondering why she kept saying to feel the burn, in the beginning.. Then after thinking that, I felt what she was talking about..

6 Minutes!!  That's all it took to make my arms feel like jelly.. BUT it's only when I use my arms that they feel that way.. plus, it's a nice feeling.. :)  If you have been wanting to try it, but don't know anyone that has used it, now you know me!  lol.. and I recommend it.. I will try to continue to do this daily and post weekly pics of my arms, along with my bi-weekly measurements.. hopefully I will remember to post them.. lol

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