Monday, June 13, 2011

Day 1 Wrap-up..

Well, first off, let me say THANK YOU for all the wonderful comments.. I appreciate all of them.. and HS, I was thinking of doing exactly what you suggested.. I believe that the Oat Bran they make you take daily is a good idea (within moderation), and after the Atkins 2 week Induction period, I plan to introduce days of "no" carbs (2 a week) in between days where I mix in veggies, fruits and low-fat yogurts (the foods I CAN NOT live without).. We'll see how this goes and will tweak it here and there.. :)

Now, onto my daily goals for today.. I got 3 out of 3!!!  WOOHOO!  I don't think I've done that in forever!!

** Eat breakfast-- I got in 2 hard boiled eggs.. not much, 
but for not eating breakfast in ages, it's a start..
** Join Ideal Fitness-- Almost talked myself out of this one.. So glad I didn't.. 
I went ahead and joined, but won't have to pay the fees until Friday (payday).. 
While I didn't stay very long, I didn't really expect to..
** TRY to run for 5 minutes-- I ACTUALLY DID IT!!  I'm so proud of myself.. 
Just had to zone out while doing it, and I made it through.. :)

I'm okay with only doing 1 mile today.. I'll be adding more steadily..

Now, I'm thinking I'm going to go search for some food.. I'm thinking Turkey Smoked Sausage and cabbage.. or maybe a hamburger patty without a bun.. hmm.. decisions, decisions..

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  1. I just read/wrote on your other blog post saying "You can do this" yet seconds later i've read that you've already started hitting your targets!