Sunday, June 26, 2011

TAKING my sexy back..

Screw BRINGING sexy back.. I'm taking my sexy back.. I can't really explain why I've felt so sexy the past week, and hopefully for a long time from now, but I'm seriously happy about it..

I can say that while I gained weight, I 'let myself go'.. I didn't color my hair, I didn't care about hygiene every day (usually every other), I didn't care that I was pale.. but since starting this Induction, 2 weeks ago tomorrow, I have started caring again.. My hair is one color again, I'm tanner than ever, and I even got my nails did yesterday.. I feel my sexy self is worth the money.. :)

I also know that since FEELING sexy, I've actually started to try to dress sexier (when I can).. and guys have noticed.. yay!  I'm not sure where THAT will go, but honestly, I don't really care..

That's something I wanted to touch upon.. Has anyone else hit a certain age and something just snapped??  Since I've turned 27, my personality has changed significantly.. in a good way.. Things I used to do unconsciously, like rules I'd put upon myself, are now gone, for the most part.. I'm not sure why, but honestly I hope I never go back to doing things like that again.. i'm liking this new self.. :)

Tomorrow is my weigh in for my Induction total.. and I plan to do measurements also, to see if what i'm seeing is real.. lol.. so ttfn! 


  1. Get it girl!!!! I totally get feeling sexy and doing all for yourself! That's the best part, keep up the good work, can't wait to hear the results!

  2. I am Peter Pan, I never want to grow up! :(