Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I tend to do lots of "planning".. Have you noticed yet?! ;) But while I have every intention to do them, somehow I let myself get away with not doing the things I PLAN to do.. Like yesterday's goal of finally breaking out my Shakeweight and trying it out.. yep, that didn't happen.. Why, you ask?! Because the 1st game in the NBA Finals (with my fave team, the Dallas Mavericks) was on.. and I couldn't miss it..

Nice excuse right?! lol.. but today's daily goal was to get "back in touch" with my Camelbak water bottle.. and drink 4 bottles full today.. Well, I think we will be back to BFF's in no time, and I am currently on bottle 4.. :) So today is a success in that part.. and I do intend to go home and break out the DVD for my Shakeweight..

I have another post to do later today, it's about being comfortable.. Would do it now, but it's kinda long, and I'm almost done with work.. TTFN.. :)