Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm Still Here..

I'm still going strong too.. I've been on this "diet" for 4 days now, and while I still want chocolate, it's not a dying urge to eat it.. lol.. and after weighing myself before my shower earlier, I am definitely thinking it's worth it.. I am already down 6.2 lbs.. and yeah, this might be water weight, but it was there before and now it's gone..  OH!  The kicker in this loss?!  It's that TOM for me.. Which means that I am (normally) retaining water.. ugh!

But it'll be nice to see the total weight loss after 2 weeks.. Which is when I will be stopping the Induction, and after that, I'm going to try something different from the typical Atkins stuff.. I'm going to incorporate light yogurts, light oatmeal (aka non-sugar loaded), and I will not exceed 60 grams of carbs on a daily basis.. I will also allow myself one "meal time" where I can eat whatever I want (ice cream, pasta, alcohol, etc.), and I will have one day where I eat "Induction-style", where I eat no more than 20 carbs that day..

We will see how this all works out, as I hope that this mash-up of the Atkins Diet, Southbeach Diet and Dukan Diet will work and help me get off this weight.. I've noticed when I do sneak a gummi bear or a random sniff of chips, they don't taste/smell as good as they used to to me..  and I'm liking that.. I don't think anyone understands how much carbs I ate before starting this.. The only protein I ate within the last 5 days before starting this was on pizza crust or bread.. THAT is not cool..  Honestly, I can eat a tube of Ritz crackers without blinking.. and still be hungry.. it's disgusting!  and hopefully I won't get to this point ever again!!

Well, off I go to boil 2 dozen eggs to make tuna fish and for snacks.. yummy!!

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  1. Good for you!!! I started the Attack Phase on Dukan last week and am still going strong. I am a true bread head, carb junkie and I want to change that. Good luck!