Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekly Recap..

This week has been interesting.. I've gotten a lot of stuff accomplished..  I've even gotten my savings back up a bit..

Tried to upload some pics on here, but Instagram won't let me.. But you can check them out on my Instagram.. Follow me at fabchallenge.. :)

My favorite part of this week:

I got this baby on Craigslist for $20!!  Seriously, $20!!  It's barely been used.. Has a couple stains on the foot part, but those I'm sure will come out.. My plan is to paint the wood white, and the chair red.. I looked into reupholstering it, but it's just cheaper to paint it.. I can't wait.. But until I can get my hands on some fabric medium, it's gonna stay this color..

Well, with all of the weather craziness going on, my overtime I worked got sucked up by not being able to get out of traffic and being sick.. I've been sick for the past 4 days-ish.. Which has put a damper on working out.. But while I was sick, I realized why I ended Insanity last time around.. I HATE INSANITY!!  I truly hate the repetitiveness of it.. I will be giving away my copies of Insanity on my Facebook page, when I reach 100 likes..

My plan right now??  To get back to the gym and run.. and to do some of the other videos I own.. AND JUST DANCE!!  I love that game.. I miss that game.. And it's a good way to burn calories..

I'm off to go read some more Wicked and get ready for bed..

How was your week??

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