Monday, January 20, 2014

Just Dance Away..

I truly love this game.. It lets me dance my booty off, and doesn't make me bored to tears.. Unlike Insanity.. No insults meant to anyone that loves this workout, but if you've read my blog you know I can't do much repetition.. So I'm gonna stick with what I know, running and dancing.. And hopefully learning more about weight lifting..

I've also found a wonderful app that probably has already been loved by many for a while.. Picstitch.. As I've recently gotten into Instagram (check me out @fabchallenge), I've found it's so fun!!  Here's one from today..

On a totally unrelated subject... After noticing that I put the wrong storage amount on the Gazelle sale of my iPod Classic, I wanted to see how much difference there would be.. It went down to $42.. I put it on eBay and it sold for $80 within 5 minutes.. Yep, I love eBay so much.. lol

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