Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cleaning House.. And Getting Cash..

I am not one to sell things easily.. Oh, don't get me wrong, once I see how much money I'm getting, I usually go all out (sometimes regretting selling something).. But at this point, I'm cleaning out stuff that doesn't fit, isn't used, and isn't going to be used anytime soon.. Which leads me to my current dilemma..

I have my iPhone.. It has enough storage on it for what I need, plus some.. And isn't near being full..

I ALSO have an iPod Classic.. Never heard of it?? That's because it's ancient, but still works like new (with a little wear and tear, since I've had it for 7 years).. It's full of every song I own (which is like 15,000+ songs).. BUT I never listen to it.. It sits in my purse, just waiting to be used.. And it never gets used.. Because my iPhone is already by my side..

I was looking up how much I'd get if I sold it on certain sites like Gazelle, versus selling it on eBay.. And I'm seriously thinking of selling it on Gazelle.. I paid like $200 for it back in 2007, and they're offering $61 for it now.. I think that is fair.. Especially as old as it is..

And I could really use the money for bills (or savings)..

On another money note, I was so excited at the beginning of this week.. If I worked like I was supposed to, this paycheck would have like 30+ hours of OVERTIME!!  YAY!!  And then the snow happened.. Somehow in Southern Indiana, people don't know when to take their time versus driving like idiots (which I've heard is an epidemic and not just a Southern Indiana problem.. lol).. So I ended up getting budgeted on Thursday bc I was stuck in dead traffic for 90 minutes.. No book, no food or water, for 90 minutes!!  That took away 11.5 hours of overtime from my coming paycheck..

THEN, I wake up from napping on Thursday to find that my head hurt, I could barely hear, and could barely swallow.. FABULOUS!!  Took three showers to help break up the crud over the next 18 hours.. to no avail.. So, at 10am this morning, I made the unfortunate decision to call into work (the chic could barely hear me, my voice was almost gone).. I work in an Emergency Room.. Who wants to be taken care of by a person who could be getting sick? Not me..

So there goes the rest of my overtime I worked earlier this week.. Hoping I can figure out how to recoup some of that money.. Gonna hopefully start working on stuff to sell on Etsy.. I'm crafty enough to do well.. Just gotta keep the motivation going.. :)

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