Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What the Hell?!

This week has me all screwed up.. Seriously, I'm just so confused as to what day it is.. And I totally forgot about a Skype date I had with a friend last night.. WHAT THE HELL?!

I hate feeling like this.. lol.. honestly, I hope it gets better now that I'm back on my anxiety/depression meds.. I started off at 20 mg, and will go back to my regular 40 mg dose in about a week..

So hopefully, this blah feeling I have and the one that makes me addicted to sleep go away soon.. if not, guess my doctors appointments will have to be longer than I thought.. Oh yeah, I can't wait til the 5th of December.. that's when I get my glasses back.. YAY!!  and the 16th is when my doctor's appointment is and hopefully I'll get back on my Vyvanse (my ADHD med)..

I'm still confused about my benefits with therapy, but it is my goal to find out before the end of the year and get my food addiction (yes, I'm pretty sure this is why I'm so terrible at losing any significant amount of weight) under control..

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  1. Yeah it feels like Sunday to me, but we still have two days off-YAY! It's the little things...take care!