Friday, November 18, 2011

Fed Up on Friday..

Lol.. Nice title, huh?!  Yep, I'm fed up.. WITH MY MOTHER!!

I'm seriously wishing I had the funds to move out now.. I hate that I feel this way, but like previous entries about my mom, I'm still feeling like she's pulling me down when I'm trying to go up..

The last straw this time??  I bought a 3lb bag of chicken breasts to cook for meals over the week.. and like I'd said yesterday (either on here or Twitter), I planned to go home yesterday and finally cook them.  They'd been defrosting for a couple days (prolly since Sunday), but I figure 3 1/2 days wasn't that bad to be in the fridge..

She did me a favor and cooked them for me.. I was really grateful, and was sure to thank her for doing it.. and then I realized why she cooked them: she left me 3 breasts and put the rest in BBQ sauce (which I won't eat, bc of the P+ values).. WTF?!  And when I tell her that I needed her to buy me another bag of chickens, she FLIPS out on me.. My mom doesn't drop F-bombs unless she's pissed..

And I know she only blew up bc she knew she was wrong.. I wanted to walk out of my house with my stuff right then.. she is constantly criticizing my diet moves.. Yes, I ate a roll of Ritz crackers today, but I also tracked them, so I'm using some of my weekly points.. I came home to a potato "toppin" which is a baked potato with butter, broccaoli, bacon and velveeta ontop.. with loads of sour cream.. Anytime I decide to say something, she flips out too.. I just can't win for losing..

I can't help but think all of this will be so much easier when I'm out of her house.. everything will be easier once I'm out.. ugh!


  1. Sigh...Mothers - can't live with me, can't live without em. My mom is a lot like that too. She does things because she thinks she's doing me a favor, but in reality she's not. Then when I get mad at her she pouts for data and it makes me feel so guilty!! Hang in there. Hopefully she'll understand sooner or later!

  2. My mom drives me batty and I do not even live with her. Long story short, you can be in different STATES and your mother will always find a way to drive you insane in the membrane. TRUST ME. She may understand, she may not, but this is your journey, you do what you need to do!

  3. My mum drives me insane when food is involved too, especially if i'm the one cooking. She constantly takes over and adds things which i'm trying to leave out due to trying to keep stuff low fat or with less salt. It drives me mad!!!