Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Challenge Accepted!!

Well, this is different.. Two posts in one day?!  Has hell finally froze over?!  lol.. nope, I just saw something on Twitter that I just had to put my hat into the ring.. Ann over at Twelve-in-Twelve has made her own version of the Runner's World Run Streak 2011 Challenge..  if you are interested, here's the blog entry that has the info on it.. :)

Now, the basic premise of this is to run 1 mile/day from Thanksgiving Day thru to New Years.. and while I may not be a fast runner, I sure as hell can run, dag nab it!  lol.. This might be just what I need to kick my weight loss in the butt.. especially after my 4.2 lb GAIN this past week..  Yep, I said it.. I gained 4.2 lbs this past week.. and while a couple is prolly bc that TOM is here, but I know that's it.. the rest was up to bad choices and no exercising..

But I'm not giving up.. I'm plowing through that and hoping to see some (if not all) of that gain gone next week.. even with Thanksgiving coming up..