Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Am A Bad Blogger..

There.. I've said it.. Or rather typed it..

I am a bad blogger..

I feel horrible that I haven't blogged in almost 3 months.. Seriously, so much has happened in the past three months, and I've wanted to blog so much, but it's always when I am not anywhere near my computer (and I HATE the Blogger app)..

I know I want to make this blog so much more than it is now.. I like reading comments (and miss them terribly), I like writing blog entries, and I have several blog post ideas floating in my head (and in my camera)..

So, my goal in the next two days (I'm off work.. YAY!!), I plan to update everyone and hopefully get started on making this blog what I want it to be.. So, let's get started, shall we..


I have "settled" around the 201-202 lb.. I have been there for about 3 months, which is frustrating bc I'm SO CLOSE to ONEderland.. I even saw 198 at one point, but it wasn't a true weight, I guess bc I was back to 201 the next day.. *shrug*

I won a free 6 month membership to a gym in the same city I work in, but I have yet to use it bc after working 12 hours and getting off at midnight the last thing I want to do is workout.. And then there is the whole "comfort zone" of a relationship, right??


Me and A are still together.. and we are living together.. and we got engaged last month.. And while we have our problems (his bi-polar disorder and my "independent issues"), we are trying to work through it..  I have struggled with not wanting to give up on it all recently.. But I am hoping that once we work on our issues TOGETHER, we will be stronger than ever..  It's possible, right?!?!?


Thanks to moving, several times, and other financial hiccups, I am just starting to save money again..  And with my somewhat impulsive fiance, this is gonna be an uphill battle for him I think.. But I'm hoping since I am doing our finances (starting a budget this paycheck), it will be so much easier..  We'll see if it actually works, bc this is one of my "buttons".. I hate being broke, and we've been broke for a while, but hopefully that will change..

So, for tonight (or techincally today), that is it.. This blog will start to be about a lot of different things.. Bi-Polar disorder, ADHD, couponing, ways to save money, food, Pinterest, and a lot more.. Basically my daily life, in a nut shell.. So please stay tuned, as I plan to stay around this time.. lol

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