Saturday, October 26, 2013

Being a Grown Up Sucks..

Well, sometimes it sucks..

I wish I could grow money.. I wish I could win the lottery (but not waste $$$ playing it, of course).. I wish I could just live like they do in the movies..

Well, cupcake, you can't!!

Being with a BP makes life interesting.. and not always in a good way.. We have been together almost 9 months, living together for 4, and I have still yet to learn how to communicate with him properly..  I worry about making him mad, which happens 8 times out of 10..  and then I get sad, or mad, or both..  I admit, until a couple days ago, I really hadn't done much research into how to live with a BP.. 

A week ago, I finally told A that I wasn't happy anymore.. I hated that I wasn't happy anymore, but I didn't want to fake it.. I hate that he's so impulsive when it comes to certain things (a BP trait?  not sure yet), like money.. Money is a big issue with me, as I'm sure you've learned over my time here.. I want to save for our future (and our WEDDING!!) but he wants to spend it all now..  But he said that he would "fix it", that WE would fix it..

I don't know how true that is.. I am looking into therapists, trying to figure out what kind of therapy he needs, and if we can do this together, or if he needs his own therapist.. Basically, our communication sucks..  I haven't been in any other long term relationship (last relationship lasted 6 months), so I don't know if this is normal, or what to do..

Any advice???  I'd appreciate anything you can give me..

Oh yeah, and tomorrow's entry is all about my Pinterest tries!!  :)

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