Friday, November 28, 2014

Online Dating: A Review of

Alrighty, so I've been trying online dating for about 8 months now.. I (stupidly) subscribed to at the end of May, and while I've met a couple guys off of that website, I can honestly say I will never use it again..

Reason #1: You used to be able to reply once to a message without being 'subscribed'.. Now you can't even see a message sent to you without being a subscriber.. This doesn't make sense to me..

Reason #2: The Carousel?! You 'earn' coins by saying if you are interested in meeting someone.. You get a coin for saying yes, and don't if you say no.. Do you really think people are truly honest with this stupid thing?? Dumb, dumb, dumb.. 

Reason #3: Relationship Status-Separated?! Umm, red flag, right?! I've learned the hard way that divorce isn't that hard for a guy, paperwork-wise.. To me, putting 'separated' as a relationship status just means you are too lazy to get divorced, which doesn't usually mean good things for the future relationship.. Again, bad experience might be clouding my opinion on this.. Lmao, don't even get me started on 'Tell You Later'.. 

Reason #4: People can send you gifts, but you are never told about them, and you don't know who sent them.. UNLESS you read EVERY message you get.. Which can be a pain in the ass.. Just tell me 'A Zoosk Member' has sent you a gift.. Is that so hard?! 

Reason #5: This one is more about guys in general than this website/app.. Lol.. Why do I spend all this time writing things if YOU DON'T READ IT?! I specifically put in my profile that if you were out of my area (I even put TRI-STATE area), that I wouldn't respond.. One guy called me a bitch for ignoring him.. And don't get me started on the men that were old enough to be my dad.. Or grandpa! Icky!!

I can honestly say I won't ever go back to that website/app.. I may try a different website later next year, but for now I'm sticking with the 'If it's meant to happen, it'll happen' way and just put myself out there more.. Sounds like a good plan, right?! 

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