Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Whoops.. Let's Recap.. Part One..

It's been over 6 weeks since my last post.. And it's basically because it's been a busy six weeks..

So, let's recap a little.. And to make this not too horrible, I plan to make it two parts.. And have lots of pictures.. Lol

I'm starting to wonder why I'd make "Tax Return Month" a NO SPEND month.. lol.. Especially with my vacation to VA, I needed to spend money on stocking up on stuff.. So, I was HOPING to make March a no spend month.. Well, that didn't work out..

I did get my tax return.. It was about as much as it was last year.. But since I'm behind on a couple of important bills (thanks somewhat to my ex, but mostly because of myself), I paid most of it to them.. I did get to spend a little of it, but not all of it.. Because that is not the grown up thing to do.. Being a grown up sucks sometimes, as I'm sure most of you know..

I am happy that I at least paid off my credit card bill!!  YAY!!  On the other hand, I also used it on my trip.. But I will work on paying it off again in the future..

** I got a Kindle!!  I used my change that I saved up and bought a Refurbished one.. It works just fine, comes with the 1 year Amazon warranty, and cost me $10 less than a "new" one.. I'm okay with used stuff, especially when it saves me money.. I've used it a lot already, and I've read 6 books already!! :)

** My 'goodbye to bad foods' didn't work out bc, honestly, I'm just tired of being so busy.. Yes, I know I could find time to make nice meals.. I know I could make something in the crock pot.. But when it's just me, and I can barely afford frozen food, let alone fresh stuff, it's just easier right now..

** I am still losing weight, just slowly.. I'm at 192.8 right now.. And I hope to get my ass in gear tomorrow and make a workout happen.. I truly wish I had a friend close to me was trying to lose weight also.. My girl, Kristy, tries to stay in touch with me, but she's 8 hours away..


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